by ants!

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Recorded/Mixed by Reisi.
Mastered by Nico Van Montfort @ XPZ Sound
Artwork by Carina Lex

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released August 11, 2013




ants! Graz, Austria

Ants! Found themselves together in 2011, fusing their lead with your hearts passion for life with their love of fast paced Melodic Punk music. With a handful of tours behind them, Ants! have set their sights on a new record, new tours and adventurers with new friends as their future. Onwards to the poetry… ... more

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Track Name: cut to create
Images burn themselves into skin,
as scars become blueprints for beauty’s grand design
wills fail time
Pin Ups lay crucified on billboards and magazines
The pages stay intact
whilst its ourselves that are torn at the seems

how dare you dictate any given way
for our beauty and appearance, our texture and our shape
a graven image sold as an intricate fold
with our self esteems disabled, we cut to create
we cut to create

with red eyes, you give the reasons why
the scars on your skin are construction lines
“they've got pills to make us stronger, pills to make us small”
there’s no diagnosis, only fistful’s of the cure
“with the adverts around me, what am I to think?”
“If this isn't a fight why am I in the ring?”
With her self esteem disabled, she cut to create
Track Name: nights
Everything is quiet around me,
in the middle of our community
empty spiteful eyes keep staring, and noone ever seems to care
at a certain time stop thinking, to avoid the worst tonight

thoughts are deceptive and never clear
i'm sorry friends i'm like this
exploding inside just to run run run,
just bound by the intention
compensating fear and inexpressible emotions
despite all of your efforts i'm caught in this jail of skin
and if i ever run, then it's away from myself

the night is merciless, at least there's self-pity for free
i close my eyes again and hope it's over

these are the nights, when i can barely find an answer
these are the nights, when i can hardly find some sleep
i put one step forward and ended up 10 steps back
there is a still heart beating in my chest
Track Name: plagued definitions
straight to the light
ignoring the breathing down my neck
for much to long i've wasted time
blaming everyone but myself
curing myself
by stopping to belive in cure
first, putting down my own mask
second, seeing for the first time, clear!

try to forget
all that has been been said
these prisons walls we made
to keep the lies inside our heads
tonight i'll fly
so come with me
hearts will be guiding our way
as we grow out of the cage

roots overboard!
the headwind's on the shoulder
my wires kept me warm and dry
protecting me from beeing blown
away and out into
the unknown sea
beyond a definition lie
desires proofing remote ways

denominations raised by hypocrates
created unquestionable realities
and i belived so blindingly
that i myself became my only enemy

will you listen into safe ligation
or rather breath
the spirit of
a diffuse idea
they call 'living'