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by ants!

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released January 10, 2011




ants! Graz, Austria

Ants! Found themselves together in 2011, fusing their lead with your hearts passion for life with their love of fast paced Melodic Punk music. With a handful of tours behind them, Ants! have set their sights on a new record, new tours and adventurers with new friends as their future. Onwards to the poetry… ... more

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Track Name: elegy
dirty streetwalks, inappropriate behavior
not to mention the noise!
dogs are unleashed and bikes only dimly lit,
it´s high time to call the police!
because narrow minded people need order and conformity,
and before you enrage them it´s better for all to behave
and remember we have never been free

of all signs and restrictitions
that regulate our lifes
they tell me what do and fell but still it´s not enough
´cause yet you start complaining,
about everything I do,
maybe you´re just frustrated - maybe you´re just doing too good?

fake freedom - restricted by other minds
fake freedom - and rules i don´t understand
fake freedom - i realize there´s no place to go

having the faintest idea,
but solidified opinions,
without just trying to think,
you set the frame, for everyone! (everyone!)

content is negligible
as long as there´s something to complain (about)
and if your rich and bored
you´ll find a right reason, anywhere! (anywhere!)

maybe sometimes it´s hard accept
not beeing the center of the world
around which we all gravitate
but just imagine behind petit bourgeois
are real problems - and not just petit shit!

i realize, ther´s no place i can go
missing a sign that comments me or says "no"
Track Name: 2dimensions
I´m sitting, waiting, waisting time,
and see the pictures passing by
bemuse my wishes and my dreams
cause the are availiable in front of me

soak up the broadcastes messages
recive the synchronizing sinals
the search for truth is obsolet,
it´s served on a flat screen tablet

when you feel lonely and abused, by obligations of consum
create your own world, with two-dimensional moving pictures
in our depression, to escape is the only way
so join the groing club of refugees - of reality

no lore - no love - no amity
consuming senseless information
stay calm and don´t ask questions, work don´t feel
as long as you get entertained, there is no need to raise your fist

dismal faces, monotous streets,
and in their eyes the fading lights of humanity
with eyes of sadness, faces down
economic goods, on there way home
Track Name: 1+1=3
in a world without compassion, there´s no need for sanity
for the economic system it´s just a - counterproductive ability
follow provoided attractions - for a surplus of satisfaction
i´m counting 1 + 1 is 3 - what billboards made me to belive

through the valleys of the flashlights,
on the roads of perversion,
followed by the eyes and sights
of my desired imaginations
with the last remain of mind in my head
passing by the endless waiting queues
not obeying how i should,
even if poison sometimes tastes so good

and ignore the lack of ethic,
losing sight for what i stand for
support markets not your fellows
because profit is all that counts

buy a new car - to get some friends
it makes you happy - at all events
keep the rose-coloured glasses on
don´t start think - start to consume
Track Name: manpower
cry yourself to sleep, with a lullaby
the fasade is breaking, at least at night

because it´s hard to play the strong
becasue it´s hard to be alone
isolation takes its toll
when your hearth´s not made of stone

and the walls you´re wearing usually,
are falling in the dark,
when there´s no more need to be a man
caught inside, all those expectations
you supress your real you
and cry alone
is it that what you want to be?
Track Name: the a-thing
we´re hereto take back our street,
we´re here to claim our rights,
sick and tired of propaganda,
sick and tired of lies

when arguments are worthless
we won´t remain paralized
sometimes the anger reaches a point
and there´s just one way out....

i raise my fist and bring the black flag
can´t stand the silence anymore

raise your voices united we are the change
armed with passion - and fire in our hearts
let´s reject all established ideas and ways
how to live and think - and to feel as a human
recapture the space, struggle repression, live your own way, and create your anarchy!

my voice is louder than your gun
you just can kill - i tear it all down