7'' Split with ASTPAI

by ants! & ASTPAI

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released on SCHALL & RAUCH-Platten


released January 31, 2012




ants! Graz, Austria

Ants! Found themselves together in 2011, fusing their lead with your hearts passion for life with their love of fast paced Melodic Punk music. With a handful of tours behind them, Ants! have set their sights on a new record, new tours and adventurers with new friends as their future. Onwards to the poetry… ... more

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Track Name: poetry
with countless miles and roads between us
we´re sharing a place that´s yet untraced
anyway close your eyes, breathe in the night
and live the poetry one can't write

thinking of home is an illousion,
that´s ment to tame dreams our heads
some people may prefer the certainty,
but we would rather live instead

well-known places, dreams posed up for concrete
and the deep and restless feeling of a better somewhere, at anytime
well-known faces, devastated by reality
and the endless urge to leave this bullshit once and for all behind

because uniformity is everywhere
we´re throwing bricks that grew in silence
and in constant denial
through the last windows remaining
in order to fight the boredom
to get rid of our heart´s stones
before we drown on overload

when is the time ripe
when will we stop to keep
their lies in our heads, in our hearts
why hang on to all this?

because it´s not worth the effort anyway
for goals i never agreed on
Track Name: takin' care
i´m stucked in dreams far from reality,
on trains heading to nowhere but to my sleep,
faster than memorys can follow

why is suppressing not a valid way?
we do it all the time and enjoy the lazyness
of not being in charge of it

in ignorance no scream is heard,
with blinded eyes no suffering
is seen as long as everything remains the same

one million deaths are a nessecity
for us to life and to be free?
one billion smashed, destroyed and raped
but not for me!

times may change as well as people,
and there is not a trace of shame, but i still care, i still care
to drug youself might be an option
that reproduces all the pain, but i still care, i still care

the view is cloudy... we´re going down...
cause all the silence will still remain untouched
as we pretend to - belive all the shit!

uprise now there is nothing less to
lose and to fight for
tie all the hate and passion
we´re more than objects of repression